Understanding property law: how to protect your rights as a homeowner

Property Law

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In this article, we will be discussing the intricacies related to property law and some of the steps to follow and regulations to adhere to according to laws and standards of the country. Owning a property can be an exciting opportunity to build wealth through an appreciating asset or building memories in a family home. However, certain rights and responsibilities would need to be followed as a homeowner.

According to the law, aspects relating to the right of possession can also be categorized as the title or deed rights to a property. In the event that property taxes or monthly bond payments are not made, there is a possibility that foreclosure proceedings can take place.

The right of exclusion can also be applied to homeowners when relating to renting a property as per a contractual lease. The ownership of structures and other objects that are visible and tangible on the property could subsequently belong to the homeowner.

In conclusion, property related matters should be consulted with Marie Van Coller. Specific experience and services available includes, but is not limited to Lad Acquisition & Disposal Transactions, Due Diligence Search on Property, Registration of Servitudes, Subdivisions and Consolidation of Property, Opening of Sectional Title Registers as well as Commercial & Residential Conveyancing.

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