Does property law include intellectual law or are the two areas separate?

Property Law and Intellectual Law 

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In this article, we will be identifying the core characteristics of property law and intellectual law, and if the two areas of law are separate or intertwined to some extent.

To begin with, property law can be associated with conveyance where the transfer of property can be incorporated into sub-sections of contracts of sale of land, the various stages of investigation of title and the forms and contents of conveyances, leases, mortgages and other important documentation.

Intellectual law is categorised into legislation that concerns patents, trademarks and copyright protection. This is an intangible property that can be generated through the use of intellect, imaginations and the law it protects. It refers to literary, scientific and technological creations which result from an inventive activity.

A key question pertaining to Physical Property in relation to Intellectual property is the appreciation and specific Return on Investment. Both areas of law are subject to the ownership of the individual and could potentially be transferred on an agreed, contractual basis.

Some emerging issues in property law continue to change according to market trends or the contractual obligations of the various parties involved.

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