What is the most important component of a conveyancing transaction?

Conveyancing transaction

Our streamlined and effective way of solving important problems for our clients is our main priority. Marie Van Coller’s Property Law portfolio is extensive in a multitude of aspects. This includes Land Acquisition & Disposal Transactions, Due Diligence Search on Property, Registration of Servitudes, Subdivisions & Consolidation of Property, Opening of Sectional Title Registers as well as Commercial & Residential Conveyancing.

The conveyancing process is an integrated process that seeks to consolidate the many factors of buying and selling property. One of the most critical components of a conveyancing transaction is facilitating the communication between the different parties involved. The analysis, verification and validation of the documentation are equally as important to ensure the compliance is adhered to.

Property investment due diligence is also a necessity where a thorough investigation of the tangible land, structural integrity and intangible value can be calculated. This can be verified to the potential buyer to ascertain the property’s value before making an offer.

The contractual obligations will also need to be adhered to and certain areas will need to be highlighted to be further investigated. Certain permissions, lease arrangements as well as financial components will have to be negotiated.

Real estate transactions could also incur a conveyance tax levy where it could be imposed at different regulatory levels. Components such as obligations, dates of transfer and other conditions associated with the sale could also be implemented with either a deed or a lease.

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